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Jack Effel

Interview with Jack Effel

Get to know World Series of Poker Tournament Director and Caesars’ Vice President of International Poker Operations Jack Effel a little better in this in-depth video interview about his storied career as well as his personal life.

A transcript is also provided for your convenience. Enjoy!

Beau Rivage poker room

The Great American Poker Trip: Biloxi

Just Hands Poker Podcast co-host Jack Laskey is in the midst of a road trip across the United States. Along the way, he has made it his mission to visit numerous poker rooms. This article is the fifth in a series that will compare and contrast how poker is played in land-based rooms in different regions across the country.

The fifth stop on the trip was Biloxi, Mississippi, specifically the Beau Rivage poker room. Enjoy the review!

Tadas Peckaitis

The Story of How I Became a Poker Coach

Have you ever wondered what sort of events and life circumstances set into motion the feeling in someone that they need to become a poker coach?

Experienced poker coach Tadas Peckaitis opens up in this article, where he reminisces about the path that took him from “just” being a player to someone who helps other players improve their game via poker coaching.

Eileen Sutton

Interview with Poker Author Eileen Sutton

Poker writer Eileen Sutton had already had a distinguished career prior to her “landmark article” that was published on, entitled “Poker for Girls: In New York’s male-dominated world of underground poker, I found my true strength.”

That article went viral, however, catapulting Eileen to near-instant fame. My Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast co-host, Bruce Briggs, and I were delighted to have Eileen join us in episode #287 for an interview.

Robbie and Paul Young

The (Poker) Ties That Bind

Sometimes poker can be the conduit for some of the best, most heartwarming stories. Last night, after deciding on the spur of the moment to head out to the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, I had the good fortune of bumping into a long lost friend and mentor who I hadn’t seen for over a dozen years.

This is the incredible story of how a poker room was the setting for me reconnecting by pure chance with someone who helped shape my life, Coach Paul Young.

Joey Ingram PLO

Playing in Joey’s Great Game of PLO

Poker fans already know of Joey Ingram’s long love affair with the great game of Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), but it’s a special privilege to actually sit at a live poker table and mix it up with the grand papi himself.

I had the good fortune of being able to do just that. Let’s just say it was an extremely GTO move. The laughs and memories will stick with me forever. Join me as I fill you in on all the details of what went down.