Texas Hold’em Questions C-Betting Course: Full Review (Updated 2024)

By Robbie Strazynski
October 25, 2020

Texas Hold'em Questions

Prepare to Read

There are plenty of ways to learn and improve at poker. If you are a listener, try podcasts, if you like to watch, sign up to poker training videos. Here at Cardplayer Lifestyle, we’ve reviewed dozens of the best poker training sites, each of which has its own unique approach. In this latest review, we take a closer look at the continuation bet course offered by Texas Hold’em Questions (THQ). Those who opt to enroll in this course best be prepared to do a lot of reading, as it’s clearly meant for the studious types. Also, if you do decide to enroll in the course, be sure to use our discount code CPL for 10% off.

This course offers enough reading material to fill a book, and covers everything you need to know about continuation betting. The course contains 9 modules and within each module are 3 PDFs of content focusing on three different flop types (mixed, dry, and wet). Each piece of content follows consistent, logical, processes.

Texas Hold'em Questions


The great thing about this course is that it not only gives plenty of reading material but it also offers a quiz for each module. The quizzes ensure you have properly absorbed the material, and they’re a great tool for reviewing purposes as well. A pass mark of 70% is required. So, if you aren’t able to notch passing marks, we recommend that you try another module and come back to the failed one with fresh eyes. Even if you DO pass a module, it’s good practice to take the quiz for a second time after a while to ensure you’ve retained the knowledge you’ve acquired.

The quizzes are automatically marked and give you an instant grade so there’s no waiting around, which is a neat feature. You get sent the quiz list and it’s just a case of clicking the right module and taking the quiz.

C-betting course quiz links

Niche Course

There’s loads of poker training video material online but when it comes to continuation bet courses the pickings are relatively slim. This is definitely a niche area, and quite frankly there’s just a ton of material to cover! THQ have taken this subject and ran with it like no other. The company’s Director, Narciso Baldo, proclaims it as “the most in-depth look at c-betting anywhere” and it’s a genuine claim to argue when you look at how much detail is in the course.

Brilliant for Beginners and Seasoned Regulars

There are certainly more interactive courses around but Texas Hold’em Questions have identified that you need to read and understand the logic behind the why’s and how’s of continuation betting. While the course purports to be for beginners and intermediates, it would seem to service experts well, too. Continuation betting is a fundamental part of Texas Hold’em but how often has a winning mid-stakes player considered the expected continuation bet success of c-betting second pair out of position against a loose opponent on a mixed flop type containing a king? The detail and thought behind this course must have taken a long time to create.


The Texas Hold’em Questions C-betting course is available for a one-off fee of $99.99 (10% off with our discount code: CPL) which covers the 27 PDFS of content and 9 quizzes. They’ve correctly identified that continuation betting is absolute necessity to winning. With that in mind, $99.99 is a very cost-effective investment for anyone playing NL $25 and up.

Free Sample

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff?

One nice thing about this offering from Texas Hold’em Questions is that they’ll give you a free taste of what they have to offer before you make a final decision as to whether or not to enroll in the course.

Specifically, they’ll send you 1 PDF or 1 sheet from a PDF, in order to give a flavor of what’s to come. This is a great way to get an idea as to the instructors’ writing style and whether the course is right for you or not. We found the content writing to be easy to understand and concise. The consistent format of each module made it easy to follow, too. To take advantage of some FREE content, just email [email protected]. and mention that Robbie from Cardplayer Lifestyle sent you. If you do sign up afterwards, don’t forget to use our discount code CPL for 10% off the price!

Finally, they’ve also got a short preview video that you can check out below.



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