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Joe Stapleton

Joe Stapleton to Join Poker Night in America

Big news for Poker Night in America: They’ve lured another ace – Joe Stapleton – to do commentary on the show. Stapleton joins Chris Hanson and will be sure to provide boatloads of laughs and entertainment to poker fans looking for enjoyable TV poker broadcasts. Joe officially joins the PNIA team as of Season 4 and we can’t wait to watch it. Read on for more details.

Paul Campbell, Sean McCormack, and Michael Williams on Periscope at Aria Poker

Aria Poker Room Bridges Live/Online Poker Gap with Periscope

Periscope allows people from all over the world to get an immediate live feed from anywhere – including one of the world’s top poker rooms. Sean McCormack, Director of Poker Operations at Aria Poker Room, had the idea to start a weekly Periscope broadcast – and it’s fantastic. Read on to learn more about this great new poker innovation, Daniel Negreanu’s guest appearance, and their plans for future broadcasts.

Duel By PokerStars home screen

Duel By PokerStars App Deals Everyone A Winning Hand

The poker world is going to shake today, as PokerStars is unveiling their brand new product: a mobile app called Duel By PokerStars. The heads-up only app was designed for mobile and – more importantly – for the mobile lifestyle. I had the privilege of attending a media exclusive event at the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure where the product was demonstrated by its designers, as well as Team PokerStars PROs Chris Moneymaker and Fatima Moreira de Melo. Then, I had the opportunity to test the app out myself. It’s a real winner! Read on for my full review of Duel By PokerStars.


What’s the New HoldemX Poker Game All About?

When Alex Dreyfus and the GPI innovate in poker, they sure don’t do a half assed job. Their latest creation is HoldemX, which has the poker community buzzing. We had a look at the game and played a few sessions to see what it was all about. There’s much to be said about the game, which is fun and addictive. Yet, some things could be improved to make HoldemX even better. Here’s an honest review for you.

online gambling

3 Global Online Gaming Trends We Can Expect to Continue

Poker purists don’t care much for the “casino side” of the global gaming industry, but the two are undeniably interlinked. Research carried out reveals some interesting trends we can expect to see continue over the next few years as far as the online gaming industry – online poker in particular – is concerned. Have a look at our short list of 3 trends you can be sure to see continue and you’ll know what’s in store for the future of online poker.