Robbie Strazynski


Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast Ep. #360: Back to Our Roots

Bruce out-homegamed Robbie for the first time in ages. Also the hosts discuss the debut of The Orbit, an innovative new concept in poker media showcasing a panel discussion of poker experts.

They then review an excellent article about home games from the PokerStars blog, and Ben Ludlow wraps up the show with another must-listen One Outer on the imminent Polk vs. Negreanu grudge match!

Run It Once Training Introduces Monthly Q&A Elite Calls

Run It Once Training has just introduced a new exclusive benefit for Elite Members, namely Monthly Q&A Elite Calls with its top poker coaches.

The first call, with Sam Greenwood, took place in mid-July and call #2 with Daniel Dvoress, is scheduled for August 10th. It’s a chance to get to know the top tier pros better as well as pick their brains for the best poker advice and tips.

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