Robbie Strazynski


3 Basic Poker Tips For Beginners

The thousand-mile journey starts out with the first steps. If you are enchanted with poker but have never played before, don’t be discouraged by how much about the game there is to learn. Start out with the basics and then keep on improving. Even the top pros are still learning and getting better, so take heart in the fact that they, too, were once beginners.

Here, then, are three basic poker tips that will help get you started on the road to poker success.

Thou Shalt Bring Poker to the Land of Zion

For the first time ever, there’s a grassroots push to officially lobby Israel’s government to legalize poker. With the game enjoying record levels of popularity countrywide, Israel Poker Academy co-founder Stas Tishkevich is leading the charge to advocate for poker’s legalization in Israel.

Enjoying support from poker luminaries like Eli Elezra, funds are currently being raised via the I LOVE POKER – ISRAEL campaign that will be used towards lobbying the Knesset and Israeli government officials to legally allow Israelis to play poker without having to fly abroad.

There WILL Be a Year #2!

A post in which I reflect upon my decision to leave my job as employee and begin doing poker media work and living the Cardplayer Lifestyle full-time. It has been a year since I’ve made the decision, and it’s one I’ll never regret making.

Thankfully, year #1 was a resounding success, and we’ll be moving on to year #2 with a positive outlook and big goals for the future.

Will the Poker World See Doug Polk 2.0 in 2018?

In many ways, 2017 was “the year of Doug Polk” as far as poker was concerned. Nonetheless, that story didn’t necessary play itself out at the American Poker Awards, where Polk ended the night emptyhanded.

This appeared to serve as some sort of wake-up call, however, with Doug releasing a video heralding a “face turn” and that it’s time for him to change his tone. What follows is our analysis, and some speculation on what to expect from Doug in the future.

WiPHoF’s Class of 2018: Who Will Be Inducted?

The doors of the Women in Poker Hall of Fame (WiPHoF) open once again this summer to induct the class of 2018. Two new women will join the ranks of some of the most illustrious women in poker.

Send in your nominations by March 15th. Current WiPHoF members along with a poker media panel will cast the votes to determine which of the nominees get in, with the induction ceremony scheduled for June 26th at the Orleans Casino.