Interview with Adam Pliska

It’s rare to have the opportunity to interview the CEO of a top poker company. It’s perhaps even rarer to encounter an individual holding that title who is so incredibly and genuinely down to earth.

Adam Pliska fits the description above perfectly. So humble and gracious, it was an absolute pleasure to have a conversation with him about his rise to the top of the World Poker Tour as well as learn more about his personal life.

This is a must-watch video, with transcript also available.

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Interview with Matt Savage

Ever wanted to get to know poker tournament director Matt Savage a little better? The legendary poker personality shares all in this in-depth interview about his career and personal life.

Enjoy the video, with transcript also provided for your convenience.

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It’s Time to See What the World Poker Tour is All About

Though the World Poker Tour has been around now for 15 years, I’ve never attended a single event of theirs in person…. until now.

I’m glad to announce – via a special, fun video with Shimi “the Fish” Weiss – that I’ll be attending the 2017 WPT Tournament of Champiosn to do media coverage. Watch, and enjoy!

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PokerVision’s CyberRail™ App Set to Revolutionize Poker Tournament Coverage

ePlay Digital has announced that it will soon debut a new app called CyberRail™, which will give players the tools to tell their stories and share their experiences in real time at the poker tables.

It has the potential to revolutionize the poker fan experience, media coverage, and the way we consume poker content.

Have they got your attention yet?

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Online Poker Players and Their Lifestyles

While on the surface of things, it might appear that professional online poker players ‘live the life”, their lifestyle actually takes a good amount of work, effort, and money to maintain. In other words, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

Read this article to understand what we mean by that.

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What Is Tilt and How Do You Avoid It?

Tilt can creep up on any player, no matter how experienced. Even if you’ve seen numerous bad beats in your life and have developed thick skin, as a human being you are inherently open to the potential of tilting while playing poker.

How to best avoid tilt? Have a look at this article for some valuable tips to keep you cool, calm and collected as often as possible while playing.

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