3 Tips to Ensure You Have an Enjoyable Poker Trip

If you’re planning a poker trip in the near future, it pays to go equipped, not just with enough money, but with the right tools to ensure that you’ll have a good time, regardless of whether you’re winning or losing. We’ve got a list of three great tips for you, which can go a long way towards ensuring you’ll have a great time on your next poker trip.

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App Review: Probable Poker

There are tons of HUDs out there that have poker odds calculators which can assist you with online poker, but they all run afoul of efforts by operators to ban third-party software. Until now.

Probably Poker runs on your mobile phone, and uses special technology to capture all the action at your online poker table. It then crunches the numbers to give you better info on which to base your next moves.

Read on for a full review of this unique, interesting new poker app.

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5 Great Online Poker Bonuses Worth Chasing After

One great way to build up an online poker bankroll is to claim valuable bonuses from the big sites and poker rooms. Some online poker bonus offers are better than others, however, so it’s worthwhile to know which ones are good to chase after. Have a look at our list.

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On Poker Budgets and Poker Bankrolls

In poker, losers have a budget while winners have a bankroll. Proper bankroll management is a key skill in poker, but above all you must ensure you don’t go busto in the first place. If you do, you’ll be doomed to having to cope with a poker budget. From personal experience, I can tell you that playing your A-game in that situation (with a budget instead of a bankroll) is far more difficult.

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Review: “Reading Poker Tells” Video Series

There’s a plethora of poker training material out there covering nearly every topic under the sun. With that said, some training material truly stands out as unique, such as Zachary Elwood’s Reading Poker Tells video series. This course gives you a holistic picture of how emotion, biology, and evolution combine at the poker table, and thus a deeper understanding of a critical aspect of live poker play.

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3 Tips for How to Not Get Disqualified from Poker Tournaments

I you want to make sure you never get disqualified from a poker tournament, you best take heed of the advice we offer you in this list. Just a general tip for not getting disqualified: just act normally! For the other three tips, you’ll have to read on.

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