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Doyle Brunson’s Super System may have been the trailblazer, the godfather of all poker books if you will, but there are now a plethora of great poker books out there for players to enjoy, be entertained by, and learn from. Whether you’re a recreational poker player or a hardcore grinder, there’s always a good tip or two that you can pick up by reading poker books authored by the game’s experts. Here at Cardplayer Lifestyle, we’ve reviewed numerous great poker books over the years, and we’re happy to present you with a selection of some of the finest poker books out there on the market today. These great poker titles – many of which have been published by the venerable D&B Poker – are certainly worth a read.

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Pulling the Trigger: The Autobiography of Poker Pro Eli Elezra

Eli Elezra English Book CoverEli Elezra’s autobiography was originally written by by Matan Krakow and Yoav Ronel and published in Hebrew in March 2017. The English-language version of the book was published by Two Plus Two Publishing in January 2019 and was translated into English by Cardplayer Lifestyle founder Robbie Strazynski.

The book discusses Eli’s early life in Israel, service in the IDF, time working in the Alaska fishing industry, world travels, the golden days of Bobby’s Room, life in Vegas, and much more.

Watch our exclusive interview with Eli Elezra.

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The Moneymaker Effect

The Moneymaker EffectSome poker books are guaranteed to grab your attention. One such book is Eric Raskin’s The Moneymaker Effect. Right from when you start the first page, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from this excellent oral history of Chris Moneymaker’s legendary run to the 2003 WSOP Main Event winner’s circle. It’s a fantastic read that documents one of the most important moments in poker’s history in a way like no other.

Read our full review here. Bonus: Check out our interview with 2003 WSOP Champion Chris Moneymaker.

The Mental Game of Poker

The Mental Game of Poker 1 & 2Jared Tendler’s The Mental Game of Poker is a true 5-star classic! For years people have said that Brunson’s Super System or the Harrington on Hold’em series are must-reads for the poker playing set. This book shouldn’t just be added to that list, it should be at or near the top. Arguably, having an A+ mental poker game is more important than your poker game itself. Read our full review to see why this book is guaranteed to make you the best poker player you can possibly be.

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Exploitative Play in Live Poker

Exploitative Play in Live PokerAlex Fitzgerald’s new book, Exploitative Play in Live Poker has debuted to rave reviews. It’s the unique book capable of helping already winning players take their poker game to the next level, explaining what to look for so as to know when it’s best to apply pressure on your opponents. The book doesn’t read like a complex construction diagram for trained professional carpenters, but rather it’s easy to read and understand, like Lego instructions.

Read our full review here. Click here to buy Exploitative Play in Live Poker.

Life’s a Gamble

Life's a GamblePoker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton’s influence on the poker world is arguably second to none. What he has accomplished in his storied career, both as a player as well as a promoter of the game, is well documented (for example, check out our interview).

Mike penned his autobiography called “Life’s a Gamble” in which he gives readers and poker fans a front row seat experience into what it was like from his perspective to have been such an integral part of the poker world and its maturation over the years.

Read our full review here. Click here to buy Life’s a Gamble.

Molly’s Game

Molly's GameMolly Bloom achieved widespread notoriety for organizing the biggest private poker game in Hollywood. There’s a lot more to know about Molly’s story, however, besides what was portrayed in the media reports. Molly’s Game proved to be an intriguing read to say the least. Poker fans who like a great story ought to pick themselves up a copy.

Read our full review here. BONUS: Read our interview with Josh Leichner, the official poker consultant for the blockbuster Molly’s Game Hollywood film, based on the book.

From Vietnam to Vegas

From Vietnam to VegasIf you were among the legions of people who watched Qui Nguyen win the 2016 WSOP Main Event, you might’ve thought you were witnessing a “madman.” Yet, there was obviously a method to that “madness.” Along with’s Steve Blay, Qui has written a book that provides in-depth explanations and analyses of his play at the Final Table.

That, along with Qui’s amazing personal story, makes From Vietnam to Vegas not just a page-turner, but simply just a fascinating and fantastic read! Read our full review here.

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Unfolding Poker

Unfolding PokerWhen you’re a beginner or an intermediate poker player, you’ve often got lots of questions. Red Chip Poker co-founder James “Splitsuit” Sweeney understood this and took it upon himself to compile a fantastic Q&A guidebook called Unfolding Poker.

Available in both print and as an eBook, here’s our review of what is unquestionably a phenomenal resource for beginner- and intermediate-level poker players.

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Chris Moorman bookFollowing the success of his first book, WSOP bracelet winner (and online poker’s winningest tournament player) Chris Moorman has written his second eponymously-titled volume, which includes both biographical and hand-analysis sections.

We hope you enjoy our review and that it convinces you to add this great book to your poker library.

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50 Mental Biases That Cost You Money at the Poker Table

50 Mental Biases That Cost You Money at the Poker TableRoland Jones, a Bankruptcy Attorney, decided to write a book about how to increase your poker bankroll called 50 Mental Biases That Cost You Money at the Poker Table. This is our review of the 178-page book.

In a nutshell, there’s a lot to learn from Jones’ unique perspective and very well-researched examples of biases. We’re pretty positive that after reading what we have to say about the book, you’ll be placing it in your shopping cart right away!

Read our full review here.

Positive Poker

positive poker

Dr. Patricia Cardner’s Positive Poker, is an in-depth examination of the psychological aspects of all elements of poker. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to improve their play.

“Discussions of great players’ characteristics resemble religious arguments: People have strong opinions, but no solid evidence. Dr. Cardner’s research provides that evidence, and the picture is surprisingly complicated. If you’re willing to workhard to become a great player, read this book.”

Dr. Al Schoonmaker, poker psychologist and author

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker – The Essential Guide

Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker

A decade after producing his landmark 3-volume Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker series, Jonathan Little has updated the content and packaged all three volumes together into one Essential Guide. You will learn the fundamentals of play and how to handle varying stack sizes, a technically accurate style of play, and how to examine each individual hand, consider the relevant factors and formulate your thinking about the best line to take.

Read our full review of the series, here.


“As a whole, the Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker series is the go-to authority on tournament poker. If I had to try to turn an amateur into a pro, these are the texts that I would utilize to get the job done.”

– Chad Holloway, Senior Editor,

There are literally hundreds of great poker books out there, so the titles aforementioned above are just a partial listing. You can find plenty of other great poker book titles here.



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