In this short, but sweet episode of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast, Robbie recaps his final in-person home game before the proverbial walls of Israel’s lockdown closed in. Bruce reflects on the beauty and blessings of having a number of home game buddies that he can call good friends off the felt as well.

The show ends off with a curtain call from Ben Ludlow, who’s got his farewell One Outer segment.

Time Stamps

00:30 Synopsis
1:03 How Ya Runnin?
1:16 Bruce hasn’t been playing poker, even in online home games.
1:45 Last episode with the Tilt Boys was very popular!
3:00 Bruce reflecting on his home game history, that the folks he’s played poker with over the years have truly become his friends away from the felt as well.
7:45 Robbie reflects on the folks he’s played with for 15 years in his home game, that they’ve become good friends away from the felt as well.
13:00 Bruce recounts a funny story about just how well he knows his home game buddies…. Just not necessarily their last names though…
16:20 Shout out to our sister shows, the Bernard Lee Poker Show and the Rec Poker Podcast.
17:45 Robbie explains why the last in-person home game e played in might be THE last one for a while… as Israel is officially in lockdown.
18:45 Robbie played in a dozen in-person outdoor home games during the interim period between lockdowns.
20:00 Robbie’s recap of his final home game, a local one held indoors. Shout out to Ariel who let us use his empty office in which to play, even though he didn’t attend. There WAS security/surveillance footage though…
23:07 Managed to claw back to “only” a 3 buy-in loss after having bought in eight times. Overall just good vibes and happy to be playing one final time before lockdown.
25:54 Poker Notes Live mobile app ad
26:40 One Outer: Ben Ludlow bids farewell to the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast family with his final One Outer segment.