Tim Watts


Ask the Poker Experts: WSOP Tips for Cash Game Players

Seasoned cash game players Roy Cooke, Andrew Neeme, Brad Owen, and Tim “The Trooper97” Watts form our panel of poker experts this month to provide their best tips to players heading to Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker specifically to play cash games.

These veterans of the Las Vegas-based poker scene have a unique and expert perspective as locals and their tips to visiting players will certainly offer plenty of unparalleled value.

The Poker Vlog Boom

If you’re an active poker fan these days, chances are that you’ve come across a poker vlog or two. Indeed, poker vlogging is booming, with guys like Andrew Neeme, TheTrooper, and Brad Owen making names for themselves all the while entertaining legions of poker fans.

If you’re not yet into consuming poker vlog videos, reading this may just change your mind, as you’ll discover exactly what you’ve been missing.

Poker Faces: An Interview with Tim “TheTrooper97” Watts

Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor Ben Saxton is on a mission to find some of the most interesting poker players you haven’t (yet) heard about. In this second article of his Poker Faces series, Ben interviews Tim “The Trooper97” Watts, who is aiming to document his life in a series of YouTube vlogs. After an exhausting career in the restaurant industry, Tim is trying to make it as a professional poker player. Definitely a story worth checking out.

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