Los Angeles


By George, I Think I’ve Seen My Poker Future!

If you ever get the chance to sit and chat with an older poker player, I highly recommend the experience. I imagine that in all likelihood you’ll find yourself being able to connect strongly, with poker as your common bond.

I recently had such an opportunity, meeting Cardplayer Lifestyle’s Senior contributor, the nonagenarian George Epstein, in Los Angeles. It was a highly enjoyable experience, to say the least.

The Great American Poker Trip: Los Angeles

Just Hands Poker Podcast co-host Jack Laskey took a road trip across the United States. Along the way, he made it his mission to visit numerous poker rooms. This article is the tenth in a series that compares and contrasts how poker is played in land-based rooms in different regions across the country.

The tenth (and final) stop on the trip was Los Angeles, California, specifically the Hollywood Park poker room. Plus, Jack adds a full summary of the Great American Poker Trip. Enjoy!

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