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Passover and Poker Don’t Mix: My Sandy Koufax Moment

If someone offered you a free all-expenses paid international flight + hotel package to attend one of your favorite poker events, would you ever consider turning him down? This is a question I faced heading into Passover 2016. Read on for a better understanding of the situation as well as why I made a decision that may remind you of what baseball’s Sandy Koufax did over 50 years ago.

Would Daniel Negreanu Become Jewish for the Jokes?

If Daniel Negreanu were to ever become Jewish for the jokes that would give him even more great material with which to make us poker fans smile and laugh every time he made an appearance. Though his recent Tweets seem to indicate Negreanu would never “go under the knife” and join the Jewish people, Cardplayer Lifestyle decided to do an in-depth examination of the possibility…

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