Online Home Game Poker in the Coronavirus Era: The Pros and Cons

In times of a worldwide pandemic like COVID-19, poker players ought to be grateful that it’s still possible to play the game online. Home game players, in particular, have transitioned to private online poker home games, and it’s better than not being able to play at all.

Even so, there’s still something lacking when you and your home game buddies can’t gather in person to play the game you love and are limited to competing at the virtual felt with Zoom meeting accompaniment.

How Does The Hendon Mob/GPI Adjust in the Coronavirus Era?

With the COVID-19 pandemic having wreaked utter havoc on the live poker scene, one organization that’s got to make some big adjustments is The Hendon Mob/GPI.

We check in with the team that runs the world’s largest live poker tournament database to see how they’re coping with the fallout of shuttered poker rooms and cancelled poker festivals the world over, and what they’re busying themselves with during the Coronavirus era.

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