Best Poker Job in the World


Who Will Step Up and Offer the Best Poker Job in the World?

This poker blog post is a follow-up to the successful op-ed I penned a couple months ago, where I proposed an idea for how to revitalize the “dying game of poker”, namely through a contest offering the Best Poker Job in the World. I just had an “aha moment”, however, where I became convinced that the idea could be implemented in a different, and possibly better, more appropriate, way. Want the details? Read on.

A Guaranteed Way to Revive the Dying Game of Poker

Joe Hachem thinks poker is dying. He thinks not enough is being done to promote the game and that people don’t think poker is fun anymore. There’s a lot of truth to his statements, but that doesn’t mean the game of poker is doomed. We’ve got a great idea that’s guaranteed to revive interest in a dying game of poker. It’ll not only generate incredible buzz, but if the right people emerge to help promote the game, poker may yet see another big boom. Want to know what the idea is? Read on…