Carlos Welch has one of the most interesting stories in poker. A player, writer, and coach who decided that to best chase his dreams required living out of his van. Then, the need for overnight A/C moved him to buying a Prius. We talk strategy, game selection, and then dig into a wonderful hand where we face a difficult river shove. Connect with Carlos on Twitter.  

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
0:45 Two things you need to know about RecPoker resources
1:03 Welcome Carlos Welch, living out of a van, then switching to a Prius
5:10 Carlos Welch: Impact of Black Friday
10:12 Carlos Welch: Responds to John’s question about Carlos’ journey
13:05 Carlos Welch: Responds to Chris’ question about game selection
18:45 Carlos Welch: Responds to Andrew’s question about bad beats & gratitude
22:38 Carlos Welch: Helps Chris & the crew break down a hand
46:45 Carlos Welch: On beating inferior players & exercise poker muscle
47:58 Steve summarizes key takeaways for Rec players
48:46 Carlos Welch: His final words of wisdom & how to connect with him on Twitter.
50:00 Panel discusses insight from the conversation
53:35 Round Robin: John – Home Game Updates, Winners, singing O Canada and more
1:03:41 Round Robin: Chris – Membership Content, Taylor Slow Roll and more
1:05:51 Round Robin: Andrew – LPP Summer Sale
1:07:10 Round Robin: Rob – Book Study starts June 17! (Matt Matros, The Game Plan) and Twitter contest
1:09:30 Round Robin: Jim – Website being tested … getting close, and community building
1:12:15 Round Robin: Steve – Next Online Play & Hang (OPaH), pins
1:13:23 Closing comments & thank sponsors