RecPoker | Episode 354 – Ryan Laplante

By Steve Fredlund
March 01, 2022

Ryan Laplante is the founder of Learn Pro Poker and a great friend of the show for many years. He joins Chris Jones to talk about living in Vegas and the live poker scene there these days, and chasing Blake Bohn on the all-time Minnesota money list. They also discuss combating Real Time Assistance in the world of online poker, ICM studies at LPP with RECing Crew member Dara O’Kearney, and they engage in a strategy session over a hand Chris played against an aggro villain recently.

Ryan is active on Twitter as @ProtentialMN

We also go over this week’s home game results and discuss these topics:
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Time Stamps

00:08Welcome & Introduction
00:42Introduction to Ryan Laplante 
01:24Poker is completely back to normal in Vegas!
03:41How does Ryan decide which game to play in Vegas?
09:35Ryan’s goal is to rank as the number one money winner in Minnesota
11:29What’s new at Learn Pro Poker (LPP)?
15:28The Independent Chip Model (ICM) explained
19:15Ryan’s opinion and theory on the hand Chris posted on the forum
37:44Players are using real-time assistance in their game
42:02What’s next for Ryan: Grinding up live!
51:26Ryan: Recommendations for players playing a mix of cash and tournaments




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