Clayton Fletcher is a poker player, comedian, and host of the Tournament Poker Edge podcast. Currently living in New York, Clayton shares about his journeys as a stand-up comedian (they love him in Sweden) and experiences making a deep Main Event run. We chat about a number of things including his epic response during some verbal banter at the WSOP Main Event. He is easy to find including, and on Twitter @ClaytonComic.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Welcome & Introduction
2:37 Introduction to Clayton Fletcher
8:10 Clayton: Exploitative side of the play vs. GTO
15:50 Clayton: Tips when getting read by other players
25:27 Clayton: Not using a HUD but still coming up with exploits for the opponent
32:31 Clayton: What does Clayton do for his mental game
35:17 Clayton: Tools to put the game to the next level
47:02 Clayton: Final words
53:08 John: Home Games update
56:33 Andrew: Content updates
1:01:20 Chad McVean: The newest member of the RECing Crew
1:09:46 Steve: Podcast expansion plan