Next up in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series is Alin Ivanov. For a decade, now, the photographer has been a fixture at poker festivals and events mainly in Europe, but also in other spots around the world.

Alin talks about how he first got into the poker industry, shares some of his favorite stories and memories, and expresses his gratitude to those who he’s befriended and helped him along during his journey.

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Google Maps

When you’re in need of local poker information, whether it’s a brick and mortar casino/poker room, home games, or larger tournament festivals in town, the most important thing is to know where and how to find what you’re looking for.

In this article, Tadas Peckaitis shares three top methods for how to find all the local poker information you need: via mobile apps, social media, and the Hendon Mob database.

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poker love

Some people enjoy playing poker more online while for others live poker is more their cup of tea. Sky Matsuhashi is committed to online poker so much so that he felt the need to express his love for it by listing three reasons why he prefers it to the live game.

Do you feel similarly or do you prefer live poker?

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WSOP Ladies Event

We’ve done the research and have compiled a comprehensive listing of all ladies-only poker tournaments being held throughout the 2020 calendar year across the globe.

Wherever you’re located, or wherever you’d like to travel, if you’re a woman who loves poker, you’ll be sure to find a ladies-only poker tournament to circle on your own calendar and participate in over the course of 2020.

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Kara Scott

The poker industry recently got buzzing with the news that veteran media personality Kara Scott would be launching her own podcast for the first time.

In an exclusive conversation during the 888poker LIVE festival in Madrid, we spoke with the company’s proud ambassador about her motivations for launching The Heart of Poker and what the experience of hosting the podcast has been like thus far.

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Modern Poker Theory

Almost immediately upon its release, Michael Acevedo’s Modern Poker Theory, published by D&B Poker, was hailed as a groundbreaking book. Thought by many to be the preeminent guide to Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy, it became — and remains — a bestseller in the poker niche.

While it was published in late summer 2019, this article by Shannon Mack represents the first-ever review of the uber popular strategy book.

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Richard Roeper

In this episode of The Bernard Lee Poker Show, Bernard interviews renowned film critic and avid poker player, Richard Roeper. During the interview, the pair discuss the 2020 Academy Awards as they have their 5th annual Academy Awards preview show.

For all the six major categories, Richard predicts his picks to help any listeners who may enter any possible Academy Award pools.

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Recreational poker players show up at the tables to enjoy themselves. While they don’t “play by the book” and can often put more seasoned players in confusing spots, you need to embrace their presence at the felt.

Since most of the money you win at poker will come from recreational players, it’s important to know how to exploit their tendencies. Here, then, is a list of three tips for how to do just that.

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Dominik Nitsche

An interview with 888poker ambassador Dominik Nitsche at the Casino Gran Via during the 2020 888poker LIVE Madrid festival.

Dominik provides a great deal of insight into the mind and thought process of poker’s high rollers, shares what it’s been like developing and marketing his DTO poker training app, and tells us about some of the interesting experiences he’s had exploring the Spanish capital.

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poker in India

The game of poker is slowly but surely taking hold in India. With a population of well over 1 billion people, the potential for the game in the subcontinent is absolutely massive.

In this article, Geoff Fisk takes a closer look at the Indian poker scene and illustrates how it has the potential to be the epicenter of the next poker boom.

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Ana Marquez

An interview with 888poker ambassador Ana Marquez at the Casino Gran Via during the 2020 888poker LIVE Madrid festival.

Ana shares the story of how she first got into the game of poker, her lover for the history of the game, her poker study habits, what it’s like to “host” a poker festival in her home country of Spain, her goals for 2020, and much more!

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Poker Math Workbook

With all of the hi-tech, interactive poker study tools out there nowadays, it might seem like working with pencil and paper is old fashioned and outdated. The Poker Workbook, by James “SplitSuit” Sweeney proves that idea to be completely untrue.

Enabling a player to study and work out all of the many calculations poker requires, if you’re serious about studying and improving your mathematical skills at the tables, the Poker Workbook is an excellent resource to utilize and train with.

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c-betting strategy

Not knowing proper c-betting strategy is one of the biggest — and most common — holes in a poker player’s game. As such, mastering these strategies is practically guaranteed to up your win rate.

Poker coach Tadas Peckaitis offer three top c-betting tips that’ll instantly help you fix your leaks, hold on to your chips, and stack your opponents.

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Sue Hammett

The first interviewee in a new limited series of articles here at Cardplayer Lifestyle entitled Meet the (Poker)Stars is Sue Hammett, Director of Corporate Giving.

In this feature, Sue talks about her chosen career path and gives us an inside look at the massive amount of charity work done by the company around the world.

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Cardplayer Lifestyle Podcast Family

This longtime poker media outlet is embarking on new venture to deliver top-rated poker content and interviews via poker podcasts. The newly-created Cardplayer Lifestyle Podcast Family will initially consist of two member shows, the Bernard Lee Poker Show and the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast.

New shows are slated to join the family in the coming months, and all shows will benefit from co-promotion and thus an enhanced, larger audience of poker fans and enthusiasts.

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Black Friday

There are many lapsed fans of poker out there; people who fell in love with the game in its Golden Era, but haven’t followed the game too closely ever since Black Friday in 2011. This brief recap article explains what’s gone on in the online poker landscape in the United States over the past decade and how the torch has been passed to a new crop of professional players in the live poker realm.

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poker love

Tadas Peckaitis knows what it’s like to not want to play poker anymore, but he always keeps coming back to play again and again. How? Because he also keeps falling in love with the game over and over again.

Here are the top three ways in which Tadas immerses himself in love for poker while away from the tables and study sessions. They’ll probably work for you, too.

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good luck

Poker players have long believed that they play a skill game with elements of luck. If you can better control the luck elements, however, you stand a better chance of winning.

WSOP bracelet winner Chris Wallace has figured out a number of ways to improve one’s luck at the poker table and for the first time ever he’s decided to share four of his top strategies in that regard. You don’t want to miss this!

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