Dan Ross

In the latest installment in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series, we interview Dan Ross. With over a decade of experience, Dan’s work as proprietor of Hold’em Media is well known and his reputation as a poker journalist and live reporter is nothing short of stellar.

This is a man who loves poker and working in the industry, happy to let his work ethic speak for itself, but it’s time to get to know him better and how he got started in the first place. Let’s take a few minutes to enjoy Dan’s story.

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casino poker online

If you’ve ever played both live and online poker, you’ll know that while the two might be “related,” they’re certainly very different from one another.

Ivan Potocki has put together a great list of 7 of the main differences between online and live poker. If you’ve always stuck to one version and have never played the other, this list will be helpful to you before jumping in for the first time.

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simultaneous live and online poker

After 6 years playing online, Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor Shannon Mack is beginning to make the transition to live poker. In this general update, he takes us along and shares the progress he has made.

There’s a lot that aspiring poker players out there can learn from reading Shannon’s story. Have a read through and see how his experiences can help you blaze your own path in poker.

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