Yori Epskamp

In the latest installment in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series, we interview Yori Epskamp. Prior to beginning to work in the poker industry, the Dutchman used to be a professional poker player.

In this interview, we learn about Yori’s personal life and hobbies, how he first got into poker, and the fascinating path he took from deciding to play the game professionally until eventually becoming the Head of Live Reporting for PokerNews.

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20,000 visitors

On the one hand, it took me the better part of a day to write this blog post. On the other hand, it took me the better part of a decade.

Cardplayer Lifestyle recently hit a major milestone: 20,000 visitors in a single month. This post celebrates the achievement by looking back to how it all started and taking stock of our slow and steady organic growth as a poker media site since our debut.

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Elliot Roe's A-Game Poker Masterclass

Anyone is capable of playing great poker; the key is being able to play your A-game when it counts. Elliot Roe’s A-Game Master Class gives you all the tools you need to be on top of your game at all times.

Experienced in training many of poker’s great players on their road to success at the felt, Roe now makes his strategies available for everyone to learn. Investing in this course is sure to pay great dividends, as you’ll be able to perform optimally anytime you take a seat at the felt.

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ask the experts

After grinding hard throughout the World Series of Poker, professional players have a variety of ways they choose to tackle the weeks in the immediate aftermath.

In this latest installment of our ongoing Ask the Poker Experts series, poker pros Brian Hastings, Adam Levy, Jonathan Little, and James Obst share what they do post-WSOP. How they handle this unique time on the poker calendar can prove to be instructive for the rest of us.

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Emily DeLaine

To some, poker dealers are just a revolving cast of nameless people sitting and tossing cards at the felt. Every dealer has a story though, and some, like Emily DeLaine, certainly stand out.

In this interview, we learn about how Emily has quickly risen to prominence as a dealer at the World Series of Poker, what it takes to achieve success as a dealer, and what keeps her going in what can definitely be an exciting but also demanding and sometimes unrewarding profession.

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AI beats poker players

While the success of AI on the virtual poker felt is something to be heralded, what with the news that it can now beat a 6-handed table of pros at Texas Hold’em, one might postulate that humanity’s in dire straits and that it might as well fold before even looking at its hole cards.

Not so, poker players; not so. If you want to maintain human dominance over AI, simply gravitate to the umpteen other forms of poker it has yet to master, or even tackle. Mixed games beckon, my friends!

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25k Platinum Coaching Sessions with Nikhil Segel

Ahead of the biggest tournament of his life, Platinum Pass winner Nikhil Segel hired poker pro Jonathan Little for help in improving his game. What resulted from this is the over 6-hour-long “25K Platinum Coaching Sessions” series.

In this article, Mike Patrick thoroughly reviews the video series, during which he was reminded of numerous important concepts as well as introduced to a number of intriguing new ones that have helped him up his poker game. Above all, witnessing Nikhil Segel’s progression throughout these lessons makes for a tremendous training tool for poker players of all skill levels.

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You haven’t played poker until you’ve gotten your aces cracked, right? While this is bound to happen in a math-based game like Texas Hold’em, is still isn’t fun to be on the receiving end… especially if there’s something you might’ve been able to do to prevent such an outcome.

Our Senior Contributor, George Epstein, shares a recent such hand he played, where he thinks he goofed, big time.

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Milko van Winden

In the latest installment in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series, we interview Milko van Winden. A relative newcomer to the poker media corps, Milko got his start “out of the blue” in the Netherlands.

In this interview, we learn about how he first got into poker and what he loves so much about the game. We also take a look at how he found a place for himself in the poker media (a fascinating and surprising story), and how poker has helped him cope with some serious life struggles. Let’s get to know Milko better.

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Dan Ross

In the latest installment in our ongoing Get to Know the Poker Media series, we interview Dan Ross. With over a decade of experience, Dan’s work as proprietor of Hold’em Media is well known and his reputation as a poker journalist and live reporter is nothing short of stellar.

This is a man who loves poker and working in the industry, happy to let his work ethic speak for itself, but it’s time to get to know him better and how he got started in the first place. Let’s take a few minutes to enjoy Dan’s story.

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casino poker online

If you’ve ever played both live and online poker, you’ll know that while the two might be “related,” they’re certainly very different from one another.

Ivan Potocki has put together a great list of 7 of the main differences between online and live poker. If you’ve always stuck to one version and have never played the other, this list will be helpful to you before jumping in for the first time.

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simultaneous live and online poker

After 6 years playing online, Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor Shannon Mack is beginning to make the transition to live poker. In this general update, he takes us along and shares the progress he has made.

There’s a lot that aspiring poker players out there can learn from reading Shannon’s story. Have a read through and see how his experiences can help you blaze your own path in poker.

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match poker

Match Poker will perhaps be an Olympic competition someday, but it’s unlike the “traditional” Texas Hold’em version of the game so widely played across the world.

Here are the rules of Match Poker, as well as a description of what makes the game uniquely appealing and challenging.

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Entering WSOP bracelet event

In this essay, I attempt to capture the multitude of feelings and emotions I’m going through as I prepare to enter and play in my first World Series of Poker bracelet event.

Almost 30 years after having learned the game as a kid around the kitchen table, after over 16 years of being a hardcore poker fan, and after close to a decade being involved in poker media, it’s finally time to take my seat at the table and commence #bracelethunting at the WSOP.

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