There’s nothing like a slow roll to infuse tons of emotion into a poker hand. How much more so this occurs when slow rolls are depicted in film.

In this article Dano Arluison lists the five best slow rolls in film, taken from multiple movies featuring lots of poker including Maverick, Casino Royale, Kaleidoscope, and more.

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Ashley Adams

On Episode #262 of the RecPoker Podcast, the crew speaks with renowned author and longtime poker player Ashley Adams. Ashley has been playing poker since 1963 when he learned it, literally, at his grandfather’s knee, and has hosted the House of Cards podcast since 2007 as well as written more than 1,000 poker articles as well as several books, including his latest, “Winning Poker in 30 Minutes a Day” (D&B Publishing, 2020).

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Twitch Poker logo

Watching online poker streams on Twitch is an exceedingly popular pastime these days, but that has humble roots dating back a few years to the pioneering “godfather” Jason Somerville.

In this article, Shaun De Cesare traces Twitch Poker history, with a nod to the more popular streamers of today and how the system works for fans, brands, and the streamers themselves.

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Run It Once Pads on Pads

High stakes poker keeps getting tougher, and weaving your way through MTTs has become a true test of skill. It takes something special to achieve next level mastery, and that’s what Run It Once’s PADS on PADS course by Patrick Leonard offers you.

At $999, this advanced course isn’t for everyone, but if you’re aiming to break through high stakes tournaments loaded with talent and become a consistent crusher, PADS on PADS is sure to get you there.

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RecPoker’s Membership Content Director Chris Jones was our guest this week.

Jim Reid and John Somsky discussed with him the recent monthly seminar which was all about post-flop betting lines, and how we can combine our knowledge of ranges and board textures to really put our opponents in some tough spots!

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Tommy Angelo is a poker player, coach, and the author of several books including Painless Poker, Elements of Poker, and Waiting for Straighters.

On this episode of the RecPoker Podcast, Tommy joins the panel to discuss his latest ventures in the poker world, doing commentary, how the pandemic has changed his life, and much more.

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New England

Longtime New England resident Ashley Adams reports on the status of poker rooms in casinos throughout the region during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Outside of New Hampshire, where poker is going strong, many regional rooms have reopened while others remain shuttered temporarily. Even so, there’s still plenty of poker happening online and in home games.

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