simultaneous live and online poker

While the same game might be being played in live poker and online poker, there are numerous differences between the two. It;s not that one version of the game is better than the other, but rather that game play in each differs based on a number of various factors.

In this article, Tadas Peckaitis lists the top 10 differences between live and online poker. Many poker players only find success either live or online. Reading this list of differences might help explain why.

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Igor Kurganov

PokerStars ambassador Igor Kurganov is giving away a Platinum Pass to someone who can successfully navigate the gauntlet of mind-bending quizzes that he and his girlfriend, fellow PokerStars ambassador Liv Boeree, have compiled.

In this interview, taken at the 2018 EPT Barcelona, we turn the tables on Igor and see if he can handle a little quiz that we put together just for him. Enjoy this video, with accompanying transcript.

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Angelica Hael

The inaugural WPT Women’s Poker Summit took place on August 26 at the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles, and has been hailed by many as a success. We spoke with World Poker Tour’s Vice President of Global Tour Management Angelica Hael, who spearheaded the event, to hear what went down and get her thoughts on what actions the participants and greater poker community can take to increase women’s participation in poker.

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Barcelona schematic map

Living a Cardplayer Lifestyle affords poker players with tremendous freedom as well as the opportunity to travel the world playing the game they love. It’s important, however, to not just limit what you see to the inside of casinos and poker rooms, and to also enjoy the great places you travel to for poker.

While covering the 2018 EPT Barcelona, I took a day off to explore the city. This post details the sights and sounds that greeted me, and relates my experiences better than any pictures could capture.

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poker table chips

Online poker players need to manage their expectations when playing live poker for the first time. The games may be similar, but there are certainly some big differences.

In this article, Grzegorz Bochniak lists a number of areas in which online poker players would be wise to manage their expectations when transitioning to live poker for the first time. Some helpful tips and advice in here.

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PokerStars EPT Meet the Team

A huge team of PokerStars staff is out in full force at the 2018 EPT Barcelona making sure that all of the events being held as part of the festival are running smoothly. To help attach some names and faces to the otherwise “nameless and faceless,” I thought it would be nice to chat with a few of them and briefly tell their stories.

Let’s get to know some members of the PokerStars live events team and together appreciate the great work they do to help facilitate Europe’s largest poker festival of the year.

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ask the experts

Poker is watched by millions of fans worldwide, many of whom have never had the opportunity to attend live events in person. One of our readers sent in a question, wanting to know “how that works” and what the rules for proper etiquette and conduct are for fans at a poker tournament.

Lance Bradley, Donnie Peters, and Remko Rinkema form our panel of poker experts this month to answer our reader’s question based on their unique experience and current jobs within the poker industry.

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pocket twos

Correctly playing small pocket pairs in limit hold’em requires finesse and a solid base of poker knowledge. You’ve got to understand the importance of position, have a decent read on your opponents’ tendencies, and have the discipline to call or fold your hand when warranted.

As playing small pocket pairs can often be problematic, this column gives some basic tips and strategies for how to make the right decision with such a hand. Spoiler alert: usually you’ll need to fold!

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