This is part one of a two-part conversation with Matt Hunt. Matt is a professional poker player and coach from the UK, currently living in Las Vegas.

As a poker coach, he specializes in MTT math and ICM concepts, short-stacked play, exploration of the No-Limit Hold’em game tree through GTO solver research, and the cognitive role of language in poker decision-making.

Recently Matt has been active on social media discussing his own journey with depression and anxiety, and helping for a community for those also struggling with mental health issues.

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Upswing Poker Logo

Upswing Poker is home to a 15-person roster of incredibly well-regarded poker coaches, from site founders Doug Polk and Ryan Fee on down the line. As a whole, the Upswing Poker coaching roster teaches a variety of different poker skills across multiple game variants.

Geoff Fisk dives deep to break down exactly what you can expect from each exceptional poker coach in Upswing Poker’s suite of offerings.

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The Poker Forge logo

The Poker Forge is a poker training site set up by Sky Matsuhashi. While he may not be the biggest name, Matsuhashi has been a successful online poker player for over a decade and a half. He’s also a phenomenal instructor and this is apparent via the excellent poker training materials he has developed and constructed on offer in The Poker Forge.

The pricing point is excellent, making The Poker Forge a very worthwhile investment for those looking to become serious about the poker play and take the study process seriously.

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Used by thousands of poker players to boost their performance at the tables, there’s a reason that has proven to be one of the world’s premiere poker training sites.

If you’re just starting out on your poker journey, you’ve first got to Master the Fundamentals. Mike Patrick has put together this review of Jonathan Little’s popular FREE 19-module course explaining poker basics and a winning thinking process to have as a student of the game.

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Blake Bohn is a professional poker player and the all-time leading tournament money leader from Minnesota. He is in the Minnesota Poker Hall of Fame as well as the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) Hall of Fame. His $3.1 million in tournament earnings includes a 23rd place finish at the WSOP Main Event.

In this episode we cover a lot of ground with Blake, including hearing his insights for recreational players wanting to improve their game.

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Clayton Fletcher is a poker player, comedian, and host of the Tournament Poker Edge podcast. Currently living in New York, Clayton shares about his journeys as a stand-up comedian (they love him in Sweden) and experiences making a deep Main Event run.

He chats with the RecPoker crew about a number of things including his epic response during some verbal banter at the WSOP Main Event.

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bet sizing

In this article, noted poker coach Sky Matsuhashi explains the importance of bet sizing, and the implications of getting it right or wrong at the poker tables.

He also encourages detailed note taking, such that you can remember if you’ve seen certain tendencies in specific opponents and adjust bet sizing properly to maximize value.

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StakeKings logo

This is a comprehensive review of the and poker staking platforms that you can use to stake your favorite poker players and bet on them to win.

This guide explains how to sign up for an account, available payment methods, who can use the platform, and numerous other features available to both basic and premium StakeKings account holders.

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30 day tournament preparation challenge has proven to be one of the world’s premiere poker training sites, used by thousands of poker players to boost their performance at the tables.

Having just completed 30-Day Tournament Preparation Challenge series, Mike Patrick put together this comprehensive review explaining how the numerous concepts taught have helped improve his game tremendously. Plainly put, this course is almost certain to pay for itself many times over!

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Maria Konnikova is the author of three New York Times bestsellers: The Confidence Game, Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, and her newest book The Biggest Bluff.

While researching her newest book, she racked up hundreds of thousands in winnings and inadvertently became a great poker player. She joins the RecPoker panel to offer some tips for recreational poker players.

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Run It Once Monthly Elite Calls

Run It Once Training has just introduced a new exclusive benefit for Elite Members, namely Monthly Q&A Elite Calls with its top poker coaches.

The first call, with Sam Greenwood, took place in mid-July and call #2 with Daniel Dvoress, is scheduled for August 10th. It’s a chance to get to know the top tier pros better as well as pick their brains for the best poker advice and tips.

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Gareth James, known as Gazellig online, has been a tournament poker coach since 2012, teaching the strategies to be successful at multi-table tournaments both live and online.

Gareth has worked with all manner of players, from those getting their feet wet in the wonderful world of tournament poker for the first time right up to the high stakes cash game players wanting a tournament poker primer before one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

Find out more at

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