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Online gambling security

A Cyber Security Expert’s Analysis of Online Poker

To mark Cyber Monday today, Cardplayer Lifestyle is proud to publish a feature length post by cyber security expert Eddie Harari. With over 25 years of experience consulting governments, multinational companies, and online gaming sites – as well as playing poker both at the live and virtual felt – Harari has seen it all. As technology improves, so do ways for malicious computer criminals to carry out online poker attacks on unsuspecting individuals. Here then is an exhaustive overview and analysis of online poker cyber security – a MUST-READ!

Talk amongst yourselves

9 Topics You Can Always Discuss at the Poker Table

Sitting at one of those poker tables where silence is just a bit too golden? Get your fellow live poker players to put away their headphones and open up a bit by stirring up some engaging conversation with your tablemates. We’re happy to provide you with a laundry list of possible topics to talk about that’ll ensure you’ll all have a blast socializing with one another while playing live poker. Read on for the specifics.

Bad luck

Don’t Let Bad Poker Results Get You Down

Sometimes there’s just nothing you can do to prevent bad poker results. Regardless of how much you work on your game, the cards may simply just not fall your way. Rest assured, plenty of luck is always involved in poker – even for the greatest of players. You just stick to your plan, keep on working on your game, and doing everything in your power to minimize the effect luck has on you so that you’re giving yourself the best shot of turning things around.