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5 different types of poker where you only face one opponent

A friend recently challended me on my poker knowledge and thought he could get the better of me when he asked if I could name four different varieites of poker in which you’d only face one opponent. After understanding that humans were not the only type of opponent allowed, I quickly rattled off not four, but five different types of poker in which you face only one opponent. Think you can figure them all out by yourself? Take a guess, then check out the list.

Prague Robbie

A Recreational Poker Player’s Guide to Playing Poker in Prague

The Internet is full of recommendations for things to do when you visit Prague, but here at the Cardplayer Lifestyle poker blog, we like to look at vacationing through poker-tinted lenses. Having taken a couple great trips to Prague, I made sure to take in the local poker scene. As it was somewhat tough to find information about Prague poker online prior to the trip, I made sure I experienced a lot while there in terms of poker with a goal in mind of compiling this guide for recreational players to use when playing poker in Prague,

It’s packed with plenty of useful information that you simply shouldn’t be without when anteing up at the Czech felt. Enjoy, and be sure to share this guide with any poker fan headed to Prague in the future.


Omaha Poker: Why Play at the Top?

Robert Turner, who created Omaha, gives you a great reason why he thinks it’s the true “Cadillac of Poker”. He also throws in a list of some of the world’s top places to play Omaha. If you enjoy Omaha, this is a must-read post. If you haven’t yet gotten to love Omaha, then there’s that much more of a reason for you to have a look at this.