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Chris Ferguson throwing cards

Where the Hell Is Chris Ferguson?

Can you believe it’s been 2.5 years since Black Friday and we’ve STILL not heard from Chris Ferguson?! Once one of poker’s hottest commodities and best-known names, the former professional poker player and part owner of Full Tilt Poker remains off the grid until this very day. This is a call for the man who had lovingly and reverently been referred to as “Jesus” to finally come forward and speak to the poker world.

The poker media

A Poker Fan Says Thank You to the Poker Media

The sight of reporters covering poker’s biggest events has become completely normal and expected these days and the sheer amount of content produced by these poker reporters is astounding. Perhaps that’s why poker fans and players have come to take for granted the hard work that the poker media members put into their jobs. No more. It’s time to say thank you.


7 Reasons Why, Sadly, the Inaugural ISPT Will Still Fall Flat

Chances are that at some point over the last 1.5 years you’ve heard about the ISPT. Furthermore, chances are that what you heard about it sounded either pretty incredible and grandiose or alternatively just too good to be believed. A last-ditch effort by the hardworking people behind the Dusk Till Dawn poker room notwithstanding, the ISPT as conceived was, and remains just too big for it’s britches. In this op-ed post about the ISPT, we’ll take you through their troubled history and lay out the reasons why we think it simply has no chance of fulfilling expectations or living up to the hype. That said, we do think there’s still hope for a new incarnation to succeed in the future, with some major modifications.

Phil Hellmuth Twitter

On Phil Hellmuth’s 13 Bracelets and the 13 People He Follows on Twitter

Every poker site out there in the world has spilled gallons of virtual ink waxing poetic on the accomplishments, antics, and experiences of Phil Hellmuth, the all-time leader in WSOP bracelets won, with 13. This poker writer noticed that that number was the same as the number of accounts the Poker Brat followed on Twitter. This article goes into depth to examine whether that’s just a coincidence or if there’s an underlying reason why Hellmuth’s chosen to follow exactly that same number of accounts. Read this article for an insightful, eye-opening look at one of the undisputed kings of poker.

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