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Playing Online Poker on an International Site from the U.S.? Perhaps You Should Reconsider

Veteran poker journalist Earl Burton has “seen it all” over his decade-plus in the industry. In this first contribution to Cardplayer Lifestyle, Earl penned an op-ed about the importance of not patronizing unregulated online poker sites, critiquing poker journalism, and challenging the affiliate revenue model. No punches are pulled, so hold on to your hats and read what Earl has to say.

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Is Streaming Online Poker on Twitch Worth the Security Risk?

These days, there’s nothing in poker hotter than Twitch. The online streaming platform is attracting the biggest names in the game, including Daniel Negreanu, Jason Somerville, Liv Boeree, and plenty others. These poker greats now have tens of thousands of people watching as they play poker online. But does streaming online poker session create too many security risks? Cyber security expert Eddie Harari examines Twitch and points out a few potential “leaks”. This is a must read for anyone who already streams their online poker sessions or who is considering doing so.

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7 Reasons Why You Need To Share Great Poker Content

Something’s been bugging me for a while about the poker community. We all share a love of the game and want it to grow. We can all agree that more people exposed to and playing poker would be universally beneficial for players, land-based and online poker room operators, poker media, and poker fans. Numerous great ambassadors for the game – let’s call them “poker evangelists” – work hard to create excellent poker content. They provide people with all the tools needed to help promote poker to the masses. Yet, consumers aren’t taking an active enough role in sharing that great poker content. There are numerous reasons why that needs to change. Starting now.

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Why the Global Poker Index’s American Poker Awards Matter

Unless you’re deeply involved in the poker industry, you may not be aware that the Global Poker Index will be hosting the inaugural American Poker Awards show later this week, on February 27th. This op-ed piece, from a recreational poker player, explains why the event, and the Global Poker Conference immediately preceding it, ought to matter to even casual poker players and fans of the game.

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How to Fix Online Poker in New Jersey: A Pro Player’s Perspective

It seems as though ever since legal online poker debuted in New Jersey, the industry has been bemoaning the market’s poor performance. Professional poker player Melissa Burr has a lot to say about the dismal failure of NJ online poker thus far and offers a number of great suggestions for how to improve the status quo. Have a look at this must-read op-ed piece by one of poker’s rising stars.

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Is ESPN Destroying the Excitement for the WSOP Main Event?

Did you feel excited watching the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table play out? Well, you must not have been there in person. Having attended and sat there for hours in the Penn & Teller Theater, I couldn’t have been more bored by the proceedings. ESPN seems to have drained the excitement from the WSOP Main Event by forcing a four-month delay on poker fans. They’ve got to fix the problem and I’ve got some suggestions for how they can do so.

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