Poker Op-Eds

Colman and Busquet

There’s No Room for Politics in Poker

In light of Daniel Colman and Olivier Busquet choosing to wear apparel with the intent of sending a political message while playing at a televised table during the 2014 European Poker Tour Barcelona Super High Roller event, the following needs to be said and explained in the clearest possible terms: There’s no room for politics in poker.

Poker mainstream media

Boom or Bust: How to Fix Poker’s Broken Image

Today’s Newsweek cover story was the straw that broke this camel’s back. I’m sick and tired of the mainstream media categorizing poker almost exclusively in the negative. What follows is a detailed description of poker’s image problem in the general public and a pointed recommendation for how it can be fixed. If you agree, I encourage you to please share with others who love the game and want to see it grow.

Daniel Negreanu

5 Life Lessons from Daniel Negreanu’s 2nd Place Big One for One Drop Finish

Six-time WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu is one of the most talked about players in all of poker. He’s one of the sport’s top-tier stars who truly transcends the game into the mainstream. He just notched a runner-up finish in the 2014 Big One for One Drop. But fame, money, and titles aside, Negreanu’s personality traits and the way he carries himself make him an exceptional ambassador for poker and someone we can look up to. Beyond the accolades being heaped upon him, here’s a list of 5 lessons I feel we can take away from Kid Poker’s second place finish.

Amaya PokerStars acquisition

Sadly, Amaya’s PokerStars Acquisition Changes Nothing

Much has been written about how great for poker Amaya’s acquisition of PokerStars is for the game. While that’s true, it’s no game-changer. Not by a long shot. What everyone seems to be forgetting in their excitement is that online poker can’t thrive without one essential ingredient. Sadly, even the world’s largest online poker company cannot supply it at the moment. Read on for more details.

New Jersey

Here’s How to Get More People Playing Online Poker in New Jersey

I believe that the key ingredient to getting more people playing online poker in New Jersey is offline marketing. While online marketing is important, it preaches to the choir. To get more potential recreational players interested, you’ve got to reach their eyeballs in the places they’re looking… and that’s NOT websites that already have to do with gambling. Take to the roads! Confused? Read on to find out what I mean.