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Is ESPN Destroying the Excitement for the WSOP Main Event?

Did you feel excited watching the 2014 WSOP Main Event final table play out? Well, you must not have been there in person. Having attended and sat there for hours in the Penn & Teller Theater, I couldn’t have been more bored by the proceedings. ESPN seems to have drained the excitement from the WSOP Main Event by forcing a four-month delay on poker fans. They’ve got to fix the problem and I’ve got some suggestions for how they can do so.

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The Folly of PokerStars’ Spin & Gos

There’s a heated debate raging in the poker community about whether PokerStars’ new Spin & Gos are good for the game or not. Many regular and professional poker players have voiced their opposition while PokerStars has publicly defended their move. This op-ed piece takes a look at the business and liquidity aspects of the situation and makes some thought-provoking points against PokerStars’ new overall marketing strategy to boot. Curious? Read on for more.

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What’s the Deal with PokerStars These Days?

Lots of big news has been streaming out of PokerStars’ headquarters in the Isle of Man. While the Amaya-owned company seems to have a gameplan in place, many poker players might take umbrage at some of the company’s recent actions. This post details the changes and opines as to why they may have been made. PokerStars’ hallmark has always been listening to the people. Here’s hoping they hear this loud and clear.

To err is human

Time to Repent for My Poker Sins

Every once in a while there comes a time when one ought to take a step back and be introspective. Now, in the midst of the Ten Days of Repentance, I feel a responsibility towards my readers and towards many people in the poker industry to ask for forgiveness. Why? What for? Please read on to find out the details.

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Politics in Poker: My Final Thoughts (Video)

The poker world has been buzzing about the “politics in poker issue” for the better part of two weeks since Daniel Colman and Olivier Busquet donned “Free Palestine” and “Save Gaza” T-shirts. In this video, I give a timeline of events and mention the main people who’ve been vocal on the issue. I also respond to Nolan Dalla’s video and give my final thoughts, crystallizing my feelings on the place of politics in poker. Enjoy.

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