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Poker Tickets: A Website Where Players Can Buy In to Live Poker Tournaments

Don’t you wish there was some way to buy in to your favorite daily or weekly tournament instead of waiting in line, in person, at the poker room? Have you ever walked in to a poker room ready to play in a tournament only to find that it had already started? Well, this poker blogger just discovered a cool site that allows you to do just that: lock up a seat in a live poker tournament online, right from the comfort of your living room:

What Will “Rounders 2” Be About?

With a lead character that’ll clearly have aged in McDermott, Rounders 2 scriptwriters will have to bridge the long gap. My money says what they’ll come up with will have something to do with online poker. To do so would be quite wise in my opinion, as it would pique the interest of the film’s cult audience of poker players.

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