Online Social Casinos: Free-Play FAQs

By David Huber
December 01, 2023

Did you know that you can play many of your favorite slot machine titles and casino-style pit games online for free?

Thanks to the existence and continued growth of social casinos, gamers from nearly every corner of the world can sign-up for a free account, and use play-money tokens to wager on their favorite games online without any monetary risk. Notably, these are markedly different from crypto casinos 2023, where there is a financial element to the gambling you’d be doing; just not via fiat currency.

In this article, we’ll answer a few of the most commonly asked questions regarding social casinos and free-play opportunities.

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Free-Play FAQs: Online Social Casinos

Q: What are online social casinos?

Online social casinos are platforms that grant gamers an opportunity to play their favorite games for free, with no associated costs. These companies also offer “premium” play (if players choose to purchase the company’s premium virtual coin), but that is not required.

Q: How are social casinos able to operate and offer such a vast online game selection?

Social casinos use a “sweepstakes” model that gives players a chance to choose either free or premium play. If players opt to make a premium purchase, they may subsequently redeem premium coins for gift cards or even cash prizes. However, players can NOT wager real money on a social casino – they must first buy the company’s proprietary premium token if they wish to have a chance at winning prizes.

Q: But I can still play social casino games for free? Exclusively?

Yes. If players choose to only participate in free-play, they can do so leisurely while still enjoying leaderboard placement and other features that a game may provide. However, free-play on social casinos are typically not eligible for gift card or cash prize redemptions.

Q: What are the sign-up requirements for a social casino account?

In most cases, you’ll be asked to prove that you are at least 18 years old and verify a current email address. Aside from a reliable internet connection, that’s about it. Keep in mind that if you plan on wagering via premium play, you’ll also be asked for more personally-identifiable information including online banking options for prize redemptions.

Q: Can I play popular slot titles online via social casinos for free?

Yes. The precise slot titles will vary depending on the social casino itself, but many companies are partnered with major slot machine studios such as IGT, WMS, Aristocrat, and more.

Q: Do social casinos have their own dedicated mobile app? Or must I play exclusively from a personal computer?

This depends on the social casino itself. Some companies are equipped with software that caters to both PC users as well as smart device owners.

Q: Are there any social casinos that allow premium purchases and redemptions using cryptocurrency?

Yes. is a well-known social casino that allows both free-play and premium transactions using cryptocurrency only. With this said, most social casinos do not use cryptocurrency at this time, and offer premium coins with a real money purchase only.

Q: Can I participate in player-versus-player poker games online at social casinos?

Typically not. Although there may be some exceptions to this, social casinos offer casino-style poker games for the most part. You can still play those poker games for fun though, and they are absolutely free to enjoy if you don’t want to make a premium purchase.

Q: Is an internet connection required to play social casino games for free?

Yes, you will need a consistent internet connection to enjoy social casino games – regardless of whether you’re playing for premium coins or for free-play coins. If you don’t have an internet connection (or if your internet connection is temporarily interrupted), you won’t be able to access any games that are offered online by social casinos.



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