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RecPoker Podcast | Ep 179 – Post Flop Poker – Ben Hayles & Merv Harvey

Ben Hayles & Merv Harvey are the co-hosts of the Postflop Poker Podcast and generally great guys! Ben “gamb64” Hayles is a poker player, coach, author and content provider. At you will find the Postflop Poker Podcast (PPP), 13 poker books, the PTP video series, blogs, and information on Ben’s 1 to 1 coaching services.

They join the Rec Poker panel for a fun conversation on this episode.

RecPoker Podcast | Ep 177 – Jennifer Shahade

Jennifer Shahade is a two-time U.S. Women’s Chess Champion, speaker, host, author and PokerStars Ambassador. The Program Director at US Chess Women, Jennifer is passionate about female empowerment and creative work around the games she loves most, chess and poker. She is the author of Chess Bitch and Play Like a Girl, books that, along with her work for US Chess Women, aims to bring more females into the game. 

Jennifer believes that thinking inside The GRID, the title of her poker podcast, is a way to organize our thinking in a hectic world, as well as a portal into deep and beautiful thought. The grid is both a reference to the 8×8 chess board, and the 13×13 color coded grid of all possible poker hands, which poker professionals now use to study the game.  Jennifer is also an author and host at the Grand Chess Tour and of the award winning podcast, Ladies Knight. In 2020, The GRID won the Global Poker Award for the best poker podcast.

RecPoker Podcast | Ep 175 – Pandemic Check-in

In this crazy time in history, each of the panelists are being affected in different ways. The crew does a check-in on how they are getting along during the coronavirus.

The strategy portion is centered on a hand Chris Jones played recently online. Opening from the hijack and facing a 3-bet from the small blind, followed by an A-high flop. Great discussions on what is optimal pre-flop and post-flop, especially with focus on stack sizes, tournament situation, bet sizing, and player type.