Shannon Mack


Transitioning from Online to Live Poker Play

After 6 years playing online, Cardplayer Lifestyle contributor Shannon Mack is beginning to make the transition to live poker. In this general update, he takes us along and shares the progress he has made.

There’s a lot that aspiring poker players out there can learn from reading Shannon’s story. Have a read through and see how his experiences can help you blaze your own path in poker.

My Five-Year-Long Journey to Poker’s Starting Line

Some poker players aren’t meant to ever move up in stakes. Many players remain at the same level their entire playing careers, never able to rise higher. Shannon Mack was determined not to be one of those guys. It took him five years, but he finally broke out of what seemed like an unending rut.

In this post, Shannon details his five-year-long poker journey, starting with $1 scores in freeroll tournaments and finally arriving at the stage where he can play for meaningful stakes. His odyssey is the manifestation of “if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.”

Poker Castle: A Revolutionary New Method to Study and Coach Poker

Until now, all poker study and online has been limited to individual learning. Poker Castle is introducing a brand new group learning platform utilizing online technology to help players improve at poker and enable coaches to train students better.

Shannon Mack had the opportunity to be one of the first to give Poker Castle a try. Check out his review. Spoiler alert: Poker Castle is nothing short revolutionary!