Ryan McCormick


Don’t Pawn Your Poker Dream for a 9to5

Too often, we make the conservative choice and opt for a 9-to-5 lifestyle over pursuing our dreams. For many poker dreamers out there, playing the game professionally will always remain in the realm of fantasy. Some, however, opt to take the leap of faith and give the poker lifestyle a try.

This is the story of a poker player who didn’t allow himself to Pawn His Poker Dreams in favor of the 9-to-5 lifestyle. Enjoy, and be inspired!

The Poker Vlog Boom

If you’re an active poker fan these days, chances are that you’ve come across a poker vlog or two. Indeed, poker vlogging is booming, with guys like Andrew Neeme, TheTrooper, and Brad Owen making names for themselves all the while entertaining legions of poker fans.

If you’re not yet into consuming poker vlog videos, reading this may just change your mind, as you’ll discover exactly what you’ve been missing.