Matt Hansen


Poker’s Top Basketball Fans: An NBA All-Star Special

Often you’ll see poker players decked out in NBA jerseys, sitting courtside at professional basketball games, or talking about and placing bets on league action.

While it would be impossible to compile a definitive list of poker’s biggest NBA fans, as there are just too many, we’ve managed to cobble together a list that singles out the biggest fan of every single NBA team from the poker world.

You might be able to correctly name some NBA-loving poker players off the top of your head, but we’re certain that many who’ve made the list will surprise you!

Interview with Poker Dealer Emily DeLaine, aka “WSOPSweetheart”

To some, poker dealers are just a revolving cast of nameless people sitting and tossing cards at the felt. Every dealer has a story though, and some, like Emily DeLaine, certainly stand out.

In this interview, we learn about how Emily has quickly risen to prominence as a dealer at the World Series of Poker, what it takes to achieve success as a dealer, and what keeps her going in what can definitely be an exciting but also demanding and sometimes unrewarding profession.