Liba Foord


Interview with Jake Cody

Jake Cody was kind enough to grant us an interview. Beyond tracing his path from anonymity to poker success, Cody went into detail about balancing life away from the felt along with poker pursuits. He also told us about some of the philanthropic work he engaged in with Right to Play International, a very worthy charitable cause. Check out the interview to learn more about what makes Cody tick, to see what else he hopes to achieve in his poker career, and to perhaps learn some important lessons about living a poker lifestyle.

Interview with Maria Ho

Maria Ho’s star has continued climbing in poker. Each year she gets more and more visible as a wonderful ambassador for the game, and she’s doing a great job of promoting it to the masses, women in particular. She was kind enought o sit down with us for an interview during the PokerListings Battle of Malta, which she was hosting for the second time. We asked her about her family history, getting into the poker industry, women in poker, and much more. You won’t want to miss her answers!

Iron Poker – A new star on the horizon

There’s a new online poker room focusing on serving German, Canadian, and Australian players. It’s called Iron Poker and it’s a part of the famed iPoker network. Our new Cardplayer Lifestyle Contributor Liba Foord had a look at the new room and had quite a bit to say about it – most of it positive. If you’re tired of the current online poker room you play at, this is one you might want to try out.

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