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MyPokerCoaching’s Preflop Master – Unexploitable Play: A Thorough Review

In poker these days, any and every edge you can get is useful. That’s why a solid preflop strategy is key to both maximising your win rate and minimizing your losses.

In MyPokerCoaching’s Unexploitable Play course, which we review extensively here, you’ll get all the tools you need to develop a strong preflop game that will surely serve you well at the poker tables.

Online Poker League Set to Revitalize Poker?

Too many people think online poker is dying. Perhaps the “solution” to that is to shake things up and make it more exciting again, no? Online Poker League has done just that.

In this op-ed, we explain what the Online Poker League is all about and why the concept works so well to encourage more recreational players to play online poker… it’s actually quite simple: it brings fun back to the game!

Poker Software Review: Flop Falcon

Everyone loves to see a flop in Texas Hold’em. For intermediate and advanced poker players, understanding the mathematics of a flop plays a critical role in knowing if and how to proceed in any given hand.

Flop Falcon is a poker software tool that gives astute players the ability to study flops and make the optimal plays against the hand ranges your opponents are most likely to have.

Check out our review to see if Flop Falcon is right for you.

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