2013 World Series of Poker Asia Pacific Has Begun in Australia

Even in this modern day and age of poker, no matter how wealthy or well known the game’s professional players are, a World Series of Poker bracelet is still considered poker’s Holy Grail. So much so, in fact, that they’ll travel to the ends of the Earth to try and win one. Indeed, that’s exactly what the world’s best poker players have done, making the trek all the way to Australia for the beginning of the first ever World Series of Poker Asia Pacific (WSOP APAC). Coverage of 5 Bracelet Events Over 11 Days As Cardplayer Lifestyle initially reported close to a year ago, the WSOP APAC is the first time that the coveted bracelets will be awarded in the Southern Hemisphere. No fewer than 5 bracelet events will be taking place over the 11-day series, which ends on April 15th. Other non-bracelet events on the calendar include a unique…