Robbie Strazynski Adam Pliska

It’s rare to have the opportunity to interview the CEO of a top poker company. It’s perhaps even rarer to encounter an individual holding that title who is so incredibly and genuinely down to earth.

Adam Pliska fits the description above perfectly. So humble and gracious, it was an absolute pleasure to have a conversation with him about his rise to the top of the World Poker Tour as well as learn more about his personal life.

This is a must-watch video, with transcript also available.

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Ryan Sackett poker dealer

We can learn a lot from and be inspired by people who follow their dreams. Ryan Sackett had a dream of becoming a live poker dealer. He decided not to “let life get in the way” and decided to pursue those dreams.

Now, he’s a successful poker dealer. Read more about his story and get inspired.

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Hunter Cichy

Hunter Cichy’s first poker book, Advanced Concepts in No Limit Hold’em: A Modern Approach to Poker Analysis, is all set to debut.

In this post, Hunter tells us about how he ended up deciding to play poker professionally. He’ll also go into detail about how he has built upon his successes. Still in his early 20s, his story can provide inspiration for aspiring players in search of poker glory.

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