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watch your language

Watch Your Language at the Poker Table

In general, it’s not necessarily a great thing to be foul mouthed, but in poker there exists another kind of need in terms of watching your language. Ever heard of poker’s “English only at the table” rule? Here’s a great story that happened to me when I encountered a couple of Israelis in Prague. Hopefully my story will teach you to stick to the “English only” rule no matter how many languages you may know.

Open-Face Chinese Poker

How Does Open-Face Chinese Poker Differ from Hold’em?

In this poker tips and strategy post, we list and then elaborate on the main differences between Texas Hold’em and Open-Face Chinese Poker. It’s the most popular poker discipline versus the hottest up-and-coming variation of the game. We cover the basics, hand values, how the games are scored, and much more. Read on to discover what makes Open-Face Chinese Poker so attractive to the tens of thousands who regularly play the game.

4 Basic Skills Needed to be a Better Poker Player

If you’re a poker beginner, there are 4 basic skills you’ll have to become more familiar with – and eventually master – in order to become a better poker player. So, before you start reading a bunch of poker books and magazines, listening to podcast and lessons from the top poker pros, start out here with the basics and learn the 4 skills that’ll help you become a beter poker player. Read on to find out more.

three card poker

5 different types of poker where you only face one opponent

A friend recently challended me on my poker knowledge and thought he could get the better of me when he asked if I could name four different varieites of poker in which you’d only face one opponent. After understanding that humans were not the only type of opponent allowed, I quickly rattled off not four, but five different types of poker in which you face only one opponent. Think you can figure them all out by yourself? Take a guess, then check out the list.