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poker warm up

A Review of

We tested the PokerWarmUp training software over a few online poker sessions and found it to be quite helpful. It’s focus on assisting you with your mental game and improving your overall mindset as you prepare to play poker online, as well as other useful tools will certainly go a long way towards improving your game, if used properly. We recommend giving it a try.

poker for a living

Making a Living By Playing Poker

So many recreational poker players have dreams of taking it to the next level and trying to make a living exclusively by playing poker. If you’re seriously thining along those lines, it pays to be prepared and plan for treating your poker play much like you would a business venture. Plan ahead and follow some valuable rules and it’ll give you the best potential shot at succeeding if you’re hoping to make a living from playing poker.

Casino Holdem

5 Types of Poker Games That Can Be Found in Online Casinos

Whether you’re on tilt, taking a break from poker, or just need to change things up a little with your poker play, once in a while it’s a good idea to try something new with regards to the game you love. Online casinos have plenty to offer you within the realm of poker. Whether it’s the many varieties of video poker of a slew of poker-themed table games, it’s worth having a go at them, if anything, just for the experience.

watch your language

Watch Your Language at the Poker Table

In general, it’s not necessarily a great thing to be foul mouthed, but in poker there exists another kind of need in terms of watching your language. Ever heard of poker’s “English only at the table” rule? Here’s a great story that happened to me when I encountered a couple of Israelis in Prague. Hopefully my story will teach you to stick to the “English only” rule no matter how many languages you may know.