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5 Reasons You Should Leave Your Online Poker Room

There are lots of different online poker rooms to choose from and it’s important that you select the one that will give you the best, most enjoyable playing experience. With that said, there’s a checklist of basic requirements that your online poker room ought to meet. If it doesn’t, then you ought to find yourself a new place to play poker online. Have a look at our list of 5 reasons you should leave your online poker room.

Iron Poker

Iron Poker – A new star on the horizon

There’s a new online poker room focusing on serving German, Canadian, and Australian players. It’s called Iron Poker and it’s a part of the famed iPoker network. Our new Cardplayer Lifestyle Contributor Liba Foord had a look at the new room and had quite a bit to say about it – most of it positive. If you’re tired of the current online poker room you play at, this is one you might want to try out.