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Online/Live Hybrid Company Poker Tournaments: Fun for All

Poker is played in poker rooms, casinos, and home games all over the world. There are also plenty of charity poker nights that often draw nice crowds in support of great causes. Sometimes, however, companies also hold poker tournaments for their employees and those are truly special workplace activities. Sometimes, however, these tournaments can drag on for a bit too long, so it’s worthwhile to consider doing an online/live poker tournament hybrid, which will ensure plenty of fun for all. How? Simple! Read on to find out the details.

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I Don’t Blog about Poker on Shabbos

The Big Lebowski’s Walter Sobchak has got nothing on this poker blogger! I, too, am shomer shabbos, and I certainly don’t blog about poker on shabbos. The 25-hour break that I take on my day of rest serves many important purposes and gives me all the energy I need to charge into the next week full of gusto for more poker blogging. The concept of a day of rest is something all poker players can benefit from. How? Read on for my thoughts on the matter.

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Interview with Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee holds a spot among the poker media elite, working at ESPN Poker, writing columns in big-name poker magazines, hosting a poker radio show for over 6 years, and having written columns in top newspapers as well as a couple poker books. He’s also won millions at the felt as a professional player. Usually he can be found interviewing some of poker’s most well-known players and personalities, so it’s a great rare privilege to have him “on the other side of the mike”. Check out our interview with Bernard Lee for a unique look at his career at and away from the felt.

Robert Turner

Interview with Robert Turner, Inventor of Omaha Poker

Robert Turner is one of the most unique and interesting people in poker. With a career in the industry spanning over three decades, both as a player and on the marketing side of the industry, Turner is a true legend of the game of poker. One of his main claims to fame is that he invented the game of Omaha poker, but there’s plenty else he’s accomplished in his long and storied career. Read more about this fascinating man in our latest poker poker interview.