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Ryan Sackett poker dealer

You Have To Play To Win

We can learn a lot from and be inspired by people who follow their dreams. Ryan Sackett had a dream of becoming a live poker dealer. He decided not to “let life get in the way” and decided to pursue those dreams.

Now, he’s a successful poker dealer. Read more about his story and get inspired.

Hunter Cichy

A Hunter’s Poker Journey

Hunter Cichy’s first poker book, Advanced Concepts in No Limit Hold’em: A Modern Approach to Poker Analysis, is all set to debut.

In this post, Hunter tells us about how he ended up deciding to play poker professionally. He’ll also go into detail about how he has built upon his successes. Still in his early 20s, his story can provide inspiration for aspiring players in search of poker glory.

Amnon Eisner

The Virtual Rail

Nothing bonds a group of friends together like playing in the same home game for years. When one of the players heads out to play in a big-time poker tournament, it goes without saying that the rest of the bunch will rally to support him. Often, however, it’s not possible to rail in person.

This is the story of how a group of home game players in Israel rallied together to virtually rail their buddy, Amnon Eisner (on WhatsApp), while he was playing in the 2017 Philadelphia Poker Classic Main Event, almost 6,000 miles away.

Robbie Poker Suit

I’ve Finally Decided to Go “All In” On Poker

This originally started out as “just” a blog post, but I felt that since it marks one of the most momentous occasions since the inception of Cardplayer Lifestyle, it deserved a video as well.

I’ve quit my full-time job and have embarked on a journey of self-employment to do poker media work on Cardplayer Lifestyle. Read more about the beginning of a new era for me and you can also watch the video.

Norman Chad

Interview with Norman Chad

Together with my co-host Bruce Briggs, I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing ESPN poker commentator and funnyman Norman Chad on episode 282 of the Top Pair Home Game Poker Podcast.

We put a lot of time and effort into doing research prior to the interview to ensure that we covered topics not yet explored in-depth via other interviews Norman has done over the years. As such, we were thrilled to get some great laughs and new stories from Norman in this almost hour-long interview.

Listen to the interview, which starts at the 3:45-minute mark. A transcript is also available.